“Ahh...a piping hot shower!”
Miss Petunia, Text from the heart

Miss Petunia
Miss Petunia Gold
Full Name Miss Petunia, the Bathing Beauty
Age Unknown
Biography The Miss Ghost runner-up from six years ago, she hasn't had much modeling work lately.
Room Bathroom
Life 100

Miss Petunia, the Bathing Beauty (Japanese: ミス・ブーニャ Miss Būnya), is a portrait ghost of an unknown age from Luigi's Mansion. She was the "Miss Ghost" runner-up from six years before the appearance of Luigi's Mansion in Boo Woods. Apparently, she hasn't done much modeling work since and has gained a lot of weight. In fact, besides being morbidly obese, she also has pig-like features, including a pig snout, hooves for hands, and a pink hue. Wearing her showering cap and bathing suit, Miss Petunia spent her time in Luigi's Mansion taking showers in the Bathroom on the second floor. Ultimately, she was captured by the heroic Luigi during the search for his brother Mario.


When Luigi first entered the Bathroom on the second floor, he noticed the voluptuous silhouette of a woman behind the shower curtain. Luigi, being the curious fellow that he is, decided to pull back the curtain with the Poltergust 3000 to get a better look. To his dismay, the figure was not a stunning woman but the obese Miss Petunia. Angered that Luigi opened her curtain, Petunia shot a blast of scalding hot water at the plumber, delivering ten HP of damage. She then went back to her shower. Luigi decided to give her a blast of ice, provided from his newly acquired Ice Elemental Medal. The ice caused Miss Petunia to sneeze, making her vulnerable, and Luigi sucked the ghost in with the Poltergust. Although she strongly tugged in an attempt to escape, Luigi eventually won the battle and captured Miss Petunia. After capturing the porcine portrait ghost, Luigi acquired the key needed to open the door to the Billiards Room.




Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning

Miss Būnya||

SpanishSeñorita Begoña, La Belleza de la BañeraMiss Begoña, The Bathing Beauty
FrenchMlle Métunia, La Beauté dans le BainMiss Metunia, The Beauty in the Bath
GermanFräulein PetuniaFräulein means Miss
ItalianSignora Petunia


  • The Looney Tunes character Petunia Pig may have been the inspiration for Miss Petunia, who is similarly-named and obviously resembles a pig herself as she is one.
  • The silhouette that Luigi sees on the shower curtain may be what Miss Petunia looked like during her modelling years.

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