The Mummy Greenie is an enemy that first appears deep within the Old Clockworks, in the Tomb. As the name implies, it is actually a Greenie on stilts, wrapped in bandages that makes moaning noises. When Luigi examines the coffin in the tomb, he finds one of the clock hands which raises out of the coffin due to the Ancient Poltergeist. After the Ancient Poltergeist appears and escapes with the clock hand, the Mummy Greenies appear out of the ground.

A Mummy Greenie behind Luigi


The Mummy Greenie attacks by attempting to grab Luigi which, even though it never actually succeeds in grabbing Luigi, it deals 25 damage to him. Luigi must employ specialized techniques to defeat the Mummy Greenie as it cannot be sucked into the Poltergust 5000. There are two ways to degrade it into a regular Greenie. Firstly you can attempt to stun it with your flashlight. This will blind it, causing it to lose balance and start stumbling in the direction it's facing. If it crashes into a wall it will fall down, and a loose bandage will be exposed, if it doesn't, then it will resume attacking Luigi. Pulling on this bandage and using the charged Poltergust 5000 suction will cause the Mummy Greenie to be pulled up by force and start spinning around, unraveling the bandages, revealing the Greenie. The other way is to lure it into a nearby fire. If the Mummy Greenie touches the fire, the bandages will catch fire and burn up, revealing the Greenie much faster.


  • Its shambling walking animation, they way how it appears from the ground and its noises resemble traits of a Zombie.
  • The reason why it cannot be sucked into the Poltergust 5000 is most likely because all the bandages would clog the machine.