Nana's Room
Nana's Room (Luigi's Mansion)
Area Area Three
Normal Ghosts Speedy Spirit
Portrait Ghosts Nana
Boo LimBooger

Nana's Room (Japanese: 祖父母の部屋 Grandparents' Room) is a room found by Luigi in the third Area of the game.


Luigi entered Nana's Room through the unlocked door. He saw the ancient ghost casually knitting an ephemeral scarf. The plumber then noticed some yarn balls beside Nana. Giving the bowl a shake, he knocked the yarn balls onto the floor. Luigi caught one in the suction of his trusty vacuum and shot it at Nana. The ghost retaliated by shooting lasers from her eyes at Luigi. The ghost hunter dodged them and he shot Nana twice more with yarn balls. Nana became disoriented and Luigi was able to capture her. The room's lights came on and Luigi took the Key to The Twins' Room from the blue treasure chest.

Nana's Room contains many items. Starting in the west there is a spinning wheel, Nana's chair, a wall-height bookshelf, a bowl of yarn on a stand, a long table with two easy chairs, and a tall cabinet and a sewing machine. A single chandelier was the source of light in the room. A Speedy Spirit is hidden in the chair closest to the east wall.

Ghosts in Nana's Room

  • Nana (100 HP)
  • Speedy Spirit (10 HP)

Ghosts in Nana's Room during the blackout

  • Five Purple Punchers (20 HP each)
  • One Speedy Spirit (10 HP) (If not found before the blackout)


  • After Nana has been captured, the rocking of her chair can still be heard.
  • If you read her diary, it gives a clue as to how to capture Miss Petunia.
    • The diary can be found on a wall with a bookshelf on it.
  • If Luigi tries to shoot Nana with a yarn ball and misses, Nana cackles and vanishes away and you must get out of the room and come back to make Nana reappear.