Neville Gold
Full Name Neville, the Bookish Father
Age 42
Biography Neville spends his afterlife reading all the books he missed while living.
Room Study
Life 100

Neville, the Bookish Father (Japanese: パパーラ Papāra) is the first Portrait Ghost that Luigi encounters in Luigi's Mansion. He is tall, lean, has orange hair, supports an orange mustache, and dons a purple robe.


Neville is found in the Study on the second floor's west wing of the Mansion. He is the husband of Lydia and the father of Chauncey, Henry, and Orville. When Luigi enters the room, Neville is reading on a rocking chair. He attacks by causing books to fly out of the shelves towards Luigi, damaging him by five HP if they hit. They would disappear if sucked by his trusty vacuum. After the books launched, Neville would yawn, making him vulnerable. Defeating Neville would give Luigi the key to the Master Bedroom.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning

Papāra||From "Papa", meaning father in various languages.

Spanish (NOA)Arturo, el padre intelectualArthur, the intellectual father
FrenchNeville, Le Père IntellectuelNeville, the intellectual father
ItalianArmando, papà topo di bibliotecaArmand, bookish father


  • Neville's name could possibly be a reference to the book The Neville Reader.
  • Neville is the only portrait ghost that has red hair.

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