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The Nursery is a room found by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion, where Chauncey, the boss of the first area, is fought. The room is located in the first area.


When Luigi first enters the Nursery, the player will see Chauncey in the crib. If the player wakes up Chauncey by rocking the toy horse with the Poltergust 3000, after which Chauncey will appear next to it. Chauncey will ask Luigi to play with him, whereas the player will then have to suck up the toy ball and shoot it at Chauncey who then gets angry and sends Luigi into the boss fight area. After defeating Chauncey, a chest will appear revealing the Heart Key which leads to the next area. This is also the location where Turboo is when all of the Boos are released.

The Nursery is painted pink with multiple teddy bears and toy balls in it. There is a crib in the top right corner of the room and a dresser in the top left corner of the room. The room is filled with coins.


  • There is a cheat that can be used here after defeating Chauncey. The cheat can get you to the final boss battle with King Boo.