Old Clockworks Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

The Old Clockworks, as it looks from the outside

Old Clockworks is the third mansion that Luigi visits in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.


E. Gadd tells him that a Dark Moon piece is in the highest point of the clock tower, and that Luigi it closed shortly after opening due to some horrific accidents. As its name indicates, this 'mansion' is fairly clockwork themed, featuring various mechanical rooms. It also has a desert theme, as its location features a lot of sand, as does the mansion itself. This is where Luigi can find a yellow Toad Assistant. It is also shown here several Boos save the Toad from a long fall, before sticking him in a painting.


The Old Clockworks originally produced, according to E. Gadd, the finest timepieces long ago. The factory itself is the oldest of the mansions as it is the Evershade Valley's ghosts favorite haunt. The factory was built on top of some ruins. The owners of the clockworks seemed interested in this, as mining and excavation equipment can be found strewn about the ruins. There is also a stairway leading from the factory into the ruins. It is unknown why it closed down, but several jackets, coats and hats can be found still on racks, and the large amount of equipment and crates left behind, suggests something happened within the factory itself to cause it to be abandoned.


Old Clockworks:

Old Clockworks - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Old Clockworks - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon


Clockwork Ruins - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Clockwork Ruins - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon


  • There are coats caught in the gears of the factory, hinting at the "horrific accidents".