Parlor (Luigi's Mansion)
Area Area One
Normal Ghosts Gold Ghosts
Boo Bamboo
Floor 2F

The Parlor (Japanese: 居間 Living Room) is the first "real" room found by Luigi and appear in the game Luigi's Mansion.


In the beginning of the game, a Gold Ghost purposely drops the key to the Living in the main part of the Foyer. Upon entering the Parlor for the first time, the same Gold Ghost gives the plumber a good scare and heads toward him. However, before the ghost can get any further to the cowering green-clothed Mario brother, Professor E. Gadd comes and attempts to suck the ghost up but fails to capture it. After the failed attempt to catch the ghost, it disappears and Gadd and Luigi have a short first impression before the same ghost returns with two other Gold Ghosts. The pair of protagonists quickly flee back to E. Gadd's Lab. After the training at the lab, Luigi enters the Parlor again with the intention to find his brother. If the player puts out all the candles in the room, the paintings talk to Luigi and warn him about what he has done. Then three Gold Ghosts attack Luigi and he must defeat them to get the key to the Anteroom.

The Parlor is mostly filled with furniture and the above mentioned possessed portraits; aside from that there is not much else.


First entrance

  • Three Gold Ghosts (five during the blackout)

Hidden Mansion (PAL versions)

The blackout

  • Five Gold Ghosts

Treasure locations

  • Money around the tables - fifteen coins
  • China cabinet - ten bills and coins
  • Table with lamp - ten coins
  • Bookcase - ten bills and coins
  • Chandelier - one gold bar


  • Apart from the Foyer, the Parlor is the room the player has to visit the most, three times necessarily to complete the game, and a fourth time to get a Boo in order to get higher score at the end of the game.
  • The five paintings within the Parlor may be of Nana, Neville, Lydia, Shivers, and Vincent Van Gore when before they were deceased.