Parlor (Luigi's Mansion 2)
Area Gloomy Manor
Normal Ghosts Greenie, Slammer
The Parlor is a room found in the Gloomy Manor of Luigi's Mansion 2. It is located directly above the Lab, which can be accessed by going down the fireplace to the left of the room. The Parlor can be reached by going through the bottom-most door of the Master Hall.


In the middle of the room sits two chairs around a table with a phonograph on it. Using the Poltergust 5000 on the phonograph causes an old-timey version of the Poltergeist's piano music in the Library. Right above the phonograph is a fan that when spun, brings down the ceiling to reveal a ton of money to collect. Along the walls (which have wallpaper tearing from them) are several paintings and mirrors. Some cabinets and tables are lined up against the wall, along with a clock that houses an Amethyst. The fireplace on the left brings Luigi down to the Lab as a quick shortcut.