Pipe Room
Area Area Four
Normal Ghosts Flying Fish, Red and White Grabbing Ghosts
Boo Booffant

The Pipe Room (Japanese: 配管室 Piping Room) is a room explored by Luigi in the fourth and the last area of Luigi's Mansion.


With the Key from the Armory in hand, Luigi opened the Pipe Room. Immediately, some green Flying Fish started attacking the ghost hunter. To make matters worse, some Red and White Grabbing Ghosts appeared as well. Within the cramped room, Luigi managed to separate and capture every one of the ghosts inside his Poltergust 3000. The Pipe Room illuminated, but Luigi did not receive a Key. The plumber noticed a frozen barrel giving off an icy mist. As Luigi approached it, an Ice Elemental Ghost flew out. After Luigi captured it, he used the Ice Element to freeze the river of water flowing through the room. Successfully having made a bridge to the other side, Luigi turned a red wheel on one of the pipes, stopping the waterfall on the other end of the room. Luigi walked to where the waterfall once was and claimed the Key to the Cold Storage, and continued on his quest to find Mario.

The Pipe Room is pretty filthy, containing an ancient crate, a bucket, and the aforementioned frozen barrel. The river of water is untouchable until Luigi freezes it.

The Pipe Room and the first floor Washroom are quite possibly the only necessary rooms in the game which are never required to be lit up (unless of course the player is trying to catch all fifty Boos), as Luigi can completely ignore the Grabbing Ghosts, freely freeze the river of water and turn the waterfall off to obtain the key to the next room.