The Possessed Armor is an enemy found in Luigi's Mansion 2. The moving ones are just a Greenie possessing a suit of armor but in the Paranormal Dimension, they are controlled by Possessor Ghosts. There are four types in the game, two of which can be defeated, while the other two serve more as obstacles. Like the Mummy Greenie, they do not have a Vault description as they are not independent ghosts but rather, simply possessed objects.

Luigi battling two Possessed Armors


The first type appears in Gloomy Manor's Guard Hall. These suits do not move, and simply slash at Luigi with swords as he passes by. The second type appears in the Rafters of the same mansion. This type tends to try to stab Luigi with a spear as he passes by, however it cannot move either. The third type is found in the Ceremonial Chamber of Treacherous Mansion, after Luigi lights all the candles. It will come up on a chair, and stand up. This type can move, and will try to attack Luigi with its axe (or sledgehammers in the case of the Possessor Ghosts). The only way to defeat this enemy is to pull out the conveniently placed rugs from under it's feet. This will make it crash to the ground, exposing the Greenie that was possessing it. The suit of armor will disappear. The last type is the giant suit of armor the Tough Possessor takes control of. It is defeated the same way as the last, although it is much bigger and Luigi must trip both of its feet at the same time.