Projection Room
Projection Room
Area Area Three
Normal Ghosts Purple Grabbing Ghosts
Boo ShamBoo

The Projection Room (Japanese: 映写室 Projection Room) is one of the many rooms found by Luigi in the third area of Luigi's Mansion.


When Luigi entered the Projection Room, he noticed an old-fashioned film projector on the front wall. When the plumber tapped it, the projector lit up the screen in the front of the room. Some Purple Grabbers made their appearance on the shadows of the projection screen, but Luigi wasn't fooled and sucked up each one. When the lights came on, Luigi received Mario's Glove, the fourth item he would need to take to Madame Clairvoya.

The Projection Room has a couple points of interest. First, obviously, there's the projector and the projector screen, flanked by two oddly-shaped speakers resembling violin cases without necks. Secondly, there is a large cabinet on the eastern wall of the room.

If Luigi tries to suck the projection screen with his vacuum, it will turn into the picture of a Boo (possibly Boolossus because of the yellow eyes) that says "Get out of here!". This poster appears again in the washroom on the second floor.

The room isn't too different in the PAL Hidden Mansion. The only change is that are more of the Grabbing Ghosts Luigi must battle at once. This can become threat as they are hard to spot and can take HP of Luigi, just like their blue and red cousins.

Ghosts in The Projection Room during the blackout