Purple Puncher

A Purple Puncher, as it looked after been flashed by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion

200px-LM PurplePuncher-1-

A Purple Puncher attacking Luigi

The Purple Punchers (also know as Pink Punchers, Purple Ghosts or Pink Ghosts) are the second species of normal ghosts that Luigi encounters inside the mansion throughout several rooms.


They first appear in the Anteroom, then in other locations throughout the adventure. As the name implies, these ghosts try to damage Luigi by giving a left or right hook to the green plumber; ten Life is lost for each successful uppercut punch. Luigi can stun Purple Punchers with his flashlight, and then suck them in with his Poltergust 3000. After he gets an elemental medal, whether it's water, fire or ice, Luigi can spray them with an element to eliminate them. Purple Punchers have twenty Life.

Purple Punchers, along with several other ghosts, make a reappearance in Mario Power Tennis for the Nintendo GameCube in the Luigi's Mansion Court.


  • Flash -A similar, recolored elemental version of the Purple Puncher.


  • In an earlier version of the game, Purple Punchers had 30 HP each, and had a big nose. However, this was changed to 20 in the final version for unknown reasons. This beta shot can be seen on page 19 of the US Luigi's Mansion Instruction Book.
  • The Purple Puncher, along with the Gold Ghost and the Blue Twirler, are seen on a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Despite their official name being Purple Punchers, they are pink, not purple.
  • In the Hidden Mansion's Sealed Room, The chest that contains the ghosts that, if opened, makes Purple Punchers pop up everywhere, making this a threat if Luigi has 50 HP or less. An easier way to overcome this is to spray any element on the group, making Luigi's job easier.