Area Gloomy Manor
The Rafters is an attic-type of room that is found in the Gloomy Manor of Luigi's Mansion 2. The only way known to get into this room is to pull the rope behind the spider webs in the Master Hall and climb up the ladder. Also, the room is only reachable during the events of mission A-5 "Sticky Situation" and A-Bonus "Gradual Infiltration".


The Rafters is split into three sections, in the first section, there are some old suits of Armor that are taken apart, and there is one assembled suit or armor that will try to attack Luigi if he gets too close to it. After Luigi crosses the thin board of wood, he will be in the second section of the Rafters, where there is a portrait of a flame and a big pile of junk. If Luigi shines the flame portrait with his Dark-Light Device on the Poltergust 5000, fire will come out of the portrait for a brief moment allowing Luigi to burn the spider webs which is the point of mission A-5, to remove all the spider webs in the Gloomy Manor. The third and final section of the Rafters has another portrait covered with a poster of cheese, and to the right of the portrait is a vanity with a Gemstone on top of it.


  • In Mission A-5 "Sticky Situation", the Rafters is one of the only rooms that are always covered in spider webs.
  • There is a gemstone on top of the vanity located on the far right of the room.