Red Coins are items in Luigi's Mansion 2. They only appear in secret ares and after completing a floor in ScareScraper. Unlike the typical coins in the Luigi's Mansion series, these coins are big, red, floating coins that do not count toward the treasure count.

Red Coin

A fanon image of an Red Coin

Story Mode

In Story Mode, Red Coins will only appear in secret areas. When Luigi finds a secret area that is for Red Coins, there will be a small area as the room titled "???", usually in the form of some type of maze. To win the secret room, Luigi must collect all the Red Coins in the time given. Usually this is not hard, as the coins are given in a straightforward manner, however the time limit is a difficult part of these rooms. After collecting all the Red Coins, a chest will appear in the middle of the room, usually containing treasure, or sometimes gems. If Luigi fails, he will be teleported out of the room and back to where he was, and he cannot try again.



The Red Coins, as they appears in the ScareScraper

In ScareScraper, Red Coins only appear after completing a floor. There will only ever be four of them at once, and they will appear in random rooms. The Luigi's must collect these coins if they want an item to help them in the next floor. Since only one Luigi can have the item, the more Red Coins a player collects, the higher the chance of them getting the item. At the stats screen at the end of a floor, a roulette will determine who gets the item by landing on the face of the winning Luigi, and having Red Coins will increase the chance of winning by adding another face per coin, for the player that collected the coin.


  • While in most Mario games, 8 red coins are required, the red coins in Dark Moon only require 4