Luigi gcn beta hunter by thenabil20091-d4bhs4m

"I'll kill you and mount your head on the wall!" (fanart)

The Safari Room Boss was a Portrait Ghost suggested in a Nintendo Power Magazine, and was originally supposed to appear in the Safari Room. Although there is no evidence that he ever planned, or was ever in the game.


Luigi after being mounted by the Safari Room Ghost (Fanart)


  • The quote: "When your ghoul-busting mission takes you to the trophy room, proceed with caution. If you meet up with the ghost of a hunter, he'll want to add Luigi to his collection."


  • According to Nintendo Power Magazine, there was an unused info for this ghost (which can be seen below).
  • He was going to use a Rifle (later changed to a Pistol), but due to this being rather grim, it was cut from the game entirely.

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