Sealed Room
Area Area Four
Normal Ghosts Gold Ghost; Purple Puncher; Blue Twirler; Purple Bomber; Speedy Spirit; Gold Mouse

The Sealed Room (Japanese: 開かず間 Non-Opening Room) is an optional room, that can be found by Luigi in the fourth area of the game.


After obtaining the Key to the Armory on the Roof, Luigi inspected the other chimney. However, this chimney led all the way from the roof to a room on the second floor: the Sealed Room. Luigi noticed many treasure chests around the room and started opening them. One treasure chest in the back of the room released a Gold Ghost, a Purple Puncher, a Blue Twirler, and a Purple Bomber. Luigi captured them one by one until the room was cleared. The ghost hunter received the Key to the Sitting Room afterward. After Luigi had received the Key, he found that the Sealed Room's door could neither be broken down nor burned, so he had to find another way out. Fortunately, a cloth in the rear of the room hid a mirror that Luigi used to warp back to the Foyer.

The Sealed Room contains two treasure chests and a vase along the west wall, a table with a treasure chest near the south wall, a treasure chest on the floor near the table, four treasure chests and three vases along the east wall, and up the steps are a low-hanging chandelier, and three additional treasure chests. The mirror is here as well. This room, like the Hidden Room sparkles with the shimmer of gold dust.

There is a Speedy Spirit inside the chest nearest to the table. Also, there is a 20% chance a Golden Mouse will appear the moment Luigi enters the room.