Secret Mine Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

The Secret Mine, as it looks from the outside

The Secret Mine is the fourth mansion that Luigi goes to explore in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This is the shortest mansion in the game mission-wise, with only 3 missions, a boss mission, and a bonus mission after capturing the Boos of the area.


This mansion is located on a snowy mountain, which causes the mansion to be frozen over, inside and out. Also, as the name implies, the mansion was a mining area, which Luigi explores. Professor E. Gadd sends Luigi to the Chalet where a group of Toads were studying the ghosts. When Luigi finds a Blue Toad he does a little dance causing the ice under their feet to break and they drop into a cave. The Chalet is built just above an abandoned mine that Luigi needs to explore. Aside from the ghosts, this is also home to a few Fuzzballs that follow Luigi, but cause no damage to him.


The mine near the Chalet was originally a secret mining project being run by an unnamed company. The mines were abandoned because the workers started seeing ghosts and were scared out, and years of neglect have caused it to become flooded with snow and ice. The mine contains crystals with special properties. One of the properties of the crystals is that they strengthen ghosts that go inside the crystals for a certain amount of time. The Boos collected a large amount of crystals and took them elsewhere. At the bottom of the mine Luigi encounters several Boos where they strengthen up normal ghosts, causing them to become more powerful and gain white crystal markings all over their body, and Luigi has to fight these ghosts.


Secret Mine - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Secret Mine - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon