Silver Diamond

Luigi holding a Silver Diamond, after he found it in the Ceramics Studio

Silver Diamonds are the second most valuable treasures in Luigi's Mansion, second only to Gold Diamonds. Usually, Luigi will find these in green Treasure Chests, along with two Gold Bars, after defeating an optional portrait ghost in the Mansion. Each Silver Diamond is worth 2,000,000G(s), totaling 10,000,000G(s) in the North American version of the game.

PAL Version

PAL versions of the game are thoroughly different in when playing the Hidden Mansion, as all of the Speedy Spirits and Golden Mice always drop one Silver Diamond when defeated, totalling 30 Silver Diamonds in the whole mansion. Though the player doesn't need to collect every single Silver Diamond to get an A rank, he/she still need to collect the Silver Diamonds to achieve an A. While the goal for an A rank mansion in the PAL versions is 150,000,000G(s), 100,000,000G(s) is needed for the NTSC version. The maximum possible amount to get in the normal mansion alone is 142,390,000G(s). There are maximum total of 5 Silver Diamonds in the entire Mansion, as opposed to the PAL Hidden Mansion, which has a maximum of 30.


  • Despite the fact it's the second most valuable treasures in the game, in the PAL Hidden Mansion, collecting all 30 Silver Diamonds result in 60,000,000G(s), greater than two Gold Diamonds, which equal 40,000,000G(s).