Sitting Room
250px-Sitting Room
Area Area Four
Normal Ghosts Gold Ghosts; Temper Terrors
Boo Boolivia

The Sitting Room (Japanese: 来客室 Guest Room) is a room that can be found by Luigi in the fourth area of Luigi's Mansion. It does not need to be cleared to finish the game.


As soon as Luigi set foot into the Sitting Room, the door sealed shut behind him. Luigi noticed a single candle in the room and managed to catch a Fire Elemental Ghost from it. Using the Fire Element, Luigi lit the candles on the north wall of the room. Immediately, five Gold Ghosts attacked. Luigi dodged the swarm and captured each of them. Then two Temper Terrors showed up. Luigi saw a water-filled vase in one corner of the room and ran for it. Catching a Water Elemental Ghost, Luigi used Water Element to extinguish the ghosts' hearts and suck them up into the Poltergust 3000 as well. The Sitting Room illuminated, and the doors unsealed, allowing Luigi to proceed.

In the center of the Sitting Room is a table with an easy chair and a sofa around it. The table has an always-burning candle on it which is a source of Fire Elemental Ghosts. The southwest corner hold a vase on a small drawer which is a source of Water Elemental Ghosts. A plant in the northwest corner can be watered for a Gold Bar. This is the only room with a water and fire elemental ghost in it.