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Luigi with three Sneakers in the Old Clockworks

Sneakers are ghosts from Dark Moon, first encountered in Haunted Towers (mission B-4). They have 25 HP, are lilac with almond-shaped eyes and a trail coming off the back of its head.


Sneakers have the power to turn themselves invisible, making them quite elusive to deal with (though the Dark-Light device can still reveal them). They also can perform a unique, "backstab"-like attack by scaring Luigi which technically stuns for a short time.If Luigi is vacuuming up a ghost and gets scared by a Sneaker, he will lose hold of the ghost he was capturing. In missions that feature Toads, Sneakers are able to pick them up and use them as a shield against the Strobulb. The only way to bypass this protection is to either wait for the Sneaker to drop the Toad (which happens after some time if Luigi doesn't make any attempts to stun the Sneaker) or by removing the Toad from the Sneakers hands.

If a Sneaker travels over Sand or Snow, it will cause a small swirl in the below material, making it easier to find. Also, mirrors and other reflective surfaces are able to reveal a Sneaker regardless if it is invisible or not. This is true for the Dark-Light Goggles, which will reveal all invisible Sneakers on the screen.


  • Sneakers will sometimes pickup toads if they are present and use them as shields against light.
  • A stronger variety called the Strong Sneaker exists, it is first encountered at the Old Clockworks with 50 HP, later encounters have 100 HP.
  • Sneakers make items shake, so if you see shaking items when a Sneaker is around, quickly flash the Strobulb at it.
  • Sneakers also resemble the scrapped Hot Pink ghosts in Luigi's Mansion Beta that pop out and scare Luigi.