Spooky's Appearence
Full Name Spooky, the Hungry Guard Dog
Age 4
Biography This creepy canine will sink its chops into any seemingly edible thing in sight.
Room Boneyard
Life 100

“Woof! Woof!”
Spooky, Luigi's Mansion

Spooky, the Hungry Guard Dog (Japanese: スプーキー Spooky), is a four-year old bulldog that is one of the Portrait Ghosts in Luigi's Mansion. He was known to bite any seemingly edible thing in sight, but had a passion for bones. Like the other portrait ghosts, Spooky was released by King Boo after the capture of Boolossus. When Luigi's Mansion materialized out of thin air a few days later, Spooky took up residence in the Boneyard in the mansion's backyard. Specifically, Spooky guarded the doghouse, the entrance to the cemetery and the lair of Bogmire. Ultimately, Spooky was captured and returned to his portrait prison by Luigi.


Before Luigi could challenge Bogmire and continue his search for Mario, the green-clad plumber had to go through Spooky. To distract Spooky from his duties, Luigi had to come pretty close to the ghost dog. Spooky would spot Luigi and begin to chase him around the Boneyard, attempting to bite the novice ghost hunter (and causing massive damage if he was successful) each time after barking. If he did, the pooch wouldn't let go of Luigi's rump until he was shaken off, once shaken off he will do two backflips in the air, amusingly and whine. The green hero had to wait for Spooky to bark four times. All that barking annoyed a Skeleton Ghost named Mr. Bones residing in the yard. He complains, wanting Spooky to shut up, but then goes around the Boneyard attacking Luigi as well. As such, Luigi captured the skeletal ghost, leaving a bone in the ground. Of course, Spooky could not resist such a treat, and stopped chasing Luigi to lick the bone. When this happened, Spooky let his guard down and became vulnerable. Using the Poltergust, Luigi began to pull the dog ghost into the vacuuming device. Spooky resisted and pulled back strongly himself; however, the guard dog ultimately succumbed to the Poltergust's power.

After capturing Spooky, Luigi proceeded to enter the portrait ghosts dog house. To do so, Luigi examined the small house with his Game Boy Horror, activating a mystical vacuum. When the Luigi entered this vacuum, the green-clad plumber was warped to a tree stump in the Graveyard, the home of the second area boss, Bogmire.




Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
SpanishBruto, El hambriento perro guardíanGross, The hungry guard dog
FrenchSpooky, Le Chien de Garde AffaméSpooky, The Hungry guard dog


  • Spooky is the only Portrait Ghost who is an animal.
  • Spooky is the only non-anthropomorphic ghost