Blue Jewel

Luigi holding a Sapphire found in the Butler's Room.

Stones (also known as Jewels or Round Diamonds) are valuable collectibles/treasures found by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion.

Types of Stones

There are 3 different colors of Stones:

  • Blue Stones, also known as Sapphires, are worth 500,000G(s) each.
  • Green Stones, also known as Emeralds, are worth 800,000G(s) each.
  • Red Stones, also known as Rubies, are worth 1,000,000G(s) each.

Ten of each color can be found in the normal Mansion, totaling 23,000,000G altogether. In order to discover all of them, Luigi needs to water all of the plants and flowers he can find, search objects such as buckets, the gutter in the Graveyard and the gold chandeliers. He also has to suck up Speedy Spirits and light up every single room in the spooky mansion with the exception of the hallways on the 3rd and Basement floor. Though they are more valuable than bills and coins they are worth less than diamonds with the exception of the Red Diamond which is worth 5,000G.