Storage Room
Storage room
Area Area Two
Normal Ghosts Purple Puncher; Red Grabbing Ghost
Boo GameBoo

The Storage Room (Japanese: 物置き Storeroom) is a room that can be found by Luigi in the second area of Luigi's Mansion.


Upon first entry of the small Storage Room, the plumber was almost immediately attacked by a Purple Puncher. Luigi captured this ghost and all that followed it to subsequently brighten up the room. After doing this, no key was to be found anywhere. After some searching, Luigi noticed on the reflection of the mirror on the north wall, a button labeled "Don't Push". Naturally, curiosity got the best of the plumber and he pushed the button anyway. This caused the west wall to move back, extending the room to about double its original length. While exploring the new part of the room, Luigi came across a poster with what appeared to be a Boo behind bars. Not knowing what it was, Luigi decided to suck it up with his Poltergust 3000. Doing so, he revealed another button. When the green ghost hunter pressed it, a hatch opened up in the room, releasing 50 Boos and their leader, King Boo. The Boos taunted Luigi at first, but were quick to scatter when they noticed the Poltergust strapped to Luigi's back. Professor E. Gadd gives Luigi a call on his Game Boy Horror and tells him to come back to the lab.

In the lab, the good professor explained to Luigi the story of how the Boos captured Mario. After some reassuring, E. Gadd also explained about the Game Boy Horror's secret function, the Boo Radar, able to detect a Boo presence in any room. Armed with this new Boo Radar, Luigi set out for the Mansion again to rescue his brother.

The Storage Room is rather drab, containing only a bucket, a stack of chairs, and several crates, all located in the eastern half of the room. Also, the Storage Room revealed a new type of Grabbing Ghost, which is red, has 20 HP, and can actually hurt Luigi when it grabs him. Also if you press either button again, nothing will happen.

Ghosts in The Storage Room in the PAL Hidden Mansion

Ghosts in The Storage Room during the blackout

  • Two Purple Punchers (20 HP each)
  • Two Grabbing Ghosts (10 HP each)
  • One Speedy Spirit (10 HP) (Will only appear if it is not found before the blackout)