Strong Ghosts

Three Strong Ghosts (with Paranormal Chains), from left to right, a Strong Slammer, a Strong Gobber and a Strong Greenie

Strong Ghosts are a type of ghost first seen briefly in the Old Clockworks and then in every subsequent mission. They are normal ghosts that have been augmented (strengthened) by a special red Crystal excavated by the ghost-controlled mining complex known as Secret Mine, greatly increasing their toughness and damage. They vary in strength from the Strong Greenie which is only a moderately strong enemy, to the Strong Poltergeist which is powerful enough to be considered a sub-boss.

Strong Ghosts can be strengthened even further by wrapping Paranormal Chains around them. This grants them tremendously increased health and damage as well granting them ability to barricade doors with additional Paranormal Chains.


Strong Ghosts are identical to their normal counterparts in terms of shape and size but their surface is now riddled with glowing cracks reminiscent of molten rock.

Health per variant

The formula for calculating the health of a Strong Ghosts is the following:

Health of the subject ghost multiplied by either 2, 3, 4, 5, 8.3 or 10 (multiplier varies from ghost to ghost)

NOTE: Ghosts with infinite HP (Creepers and Possessor Ghosts) cannot be strengthened.

List of Strong Ghosts

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