Strong Gobber

A Strong Gobber faces Luigi in the Secret Mine

"These massive, disgusting ghosts can destroy an entire mansion before you can say "Criminy! That's gross!" Watch out for their flying goo, or you'll have a hard time capturing them."—E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion 2

Strong Gobbers are ghosts first found by Luigi in mission D-3 of the Secret Mine in Luigi's Mansion 2.


Their first appearance is in Luigi's Mansion 2, they have 200 HP, and their main attack is just like a normal Gobber, only when they hit Luigi, he takes more damage.


  • In Luigi's Mansion 2, on mission E-5 Paranormal Chaos, Strong Gobbers have 300HP due to the massive outbreak of ghosts on the Terrace
  • The Mini-boss Strong Gobber with Chains in the Secret Mine (In the photo above) has 300 HP.