"Now that these ghosts have been augmented by the crystals, capturing them is even trickier. It's best to wait until they show themselves to stun them." - E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion 2.

80px-Strong Hider

A Strong Hider while found by Luigi


Strong Hiders look just like Hiders but Strong Hiders are quicker, stronger, and harder to encounter due to the crystals from the Crystal Mine. They only appear in the Treacherous Mansion from Luigi's Mansion 2 and do not appear in the ScareScraper. Strong Hiders also have 75HP which is 5 times more than a normal Hider.


Their method of attacking Luigi is the same as a normal Hider, but are much quicker and you have less time to find them hiding inside of a pot or else they will throw an object at Luigi which deals more damage than a normal Hider does. To capture a Strong Hider find the pot they are hiding in, and when they pop out stun them with your Strobulb.