The Strong Poltergeist, as it appears in Luigi's Mansion 2

The Strong Poltergeist is a ghost that first appears in Luigi's Mansion 2, only as a mini-boss during the events of mission E-3 in the Treacherous Mansion. The Strong Poltergeist is similar to a normal Poltergeist, but of course, like other strong ghosts, he is strengthened by the crystals from the Secret Mine. He has the ability to head into space, and also being able to transport other people there, like he does with Luigi. He moves very quickly and, for that, he is also considered the smartest ghost in the game.  


In order to fight the Strong Poltergeist, Luigi must look into the telescope found in the space exhibit which will teleport him onto a planet in space where the fight takes place. The actual fight goes on in the following way: the Strong Poltergeist will travel around the room and launch meteors towards Luigi which cause 20 HP of damage to Luigi if hit. Luigi must stun the Strong Poltergeist and start vacuuming it. In battle, the Strong Poltergeist will be protected by a red Paranormal Shield which Luigi must break in order to make it vulnerable. After losing 50 HP, the Strong Poltergeist will rapidly increase the planet's rotation, causing Luigi to lose his grip on him. After that, the Strong Poltergeist will dive into the planet and start raining bombs on Luigi while summoning in Beetles to damage Luigi further. After throwing three volleys of bombs, the Strong Poltergeist will throw a final bunch of bombs and will then reappear and start shooting meteors again. Luigi must avoid all the attacks and drain the Strong Poltergeist's health to 0 HP to win the boss battle and capture him.


  • The Strong Poltergeist tries to steal a book that Luigi needs to open a secret passageway, so you have to chase him down and get the book he is holding in his hands in the picture (top right).
  • The Strong Poltergeist has 350 HP.
  • There is only one strong Poltergeist that appears in Luigi's Mansion 2.
  • They do not appear in the ScareScraper.