Area Area One
Normal Ghosts Gold Mouse; Speedy Spirit
Portrait Ghosts Neville
Boo TaBoo
Floor 2F

The Study (Japanese: 書斎 Study) is one of the many rooms found by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion. It can be explored in the first area (on the second floor), after obtaining the key from the Wardrobe Room.


When Luigi stepped into the Study he found it completely calm of any enemies; that is, until he spotted at a nearby rocking chair which had the portrait ghost Neville. When trying to attack, Luigi was shocked to see his flashlight and Poltergust have no effect. Trying to discover out how to suck up this bookworm wraith Luigi noticed that when Neville began to yawn his heart is shown. Stunning Neville with the flashlight, Luigi attempted to defeat him and gain the Key to the Master Bedroom.


The Study is a little room filled with books on bookshelves. Note that a fireplace is lit in the back wall. The ship-in-a bottle displayed above the fireplace and the table in the room can have the Poltergust 3000 used on them (note that the books always contain Bills for the first time). A Flash Spirit is hidden in the chair beside the table, also, a Gold Mouse will be found beside the chair. To search it, the player has to use the Game Boy Horror to look behind the table under the chair, then he/she has to scan a piece of cheese that is found.

Ghosts found in The Study

  • Neville (100 HP)
  • One Speedy Spirit (10 HP)
  • One Gold Mouse

Ghosts in found the Study during the blackout

  • One Red Grabbing Ghost (20 HP)
  • One Speedy Spirit (Will only appear if not caught before the blackout)


  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl in the Luigi's Mansion stage, the Study made an appearance as one of the rooms.And also, in mario party 8, in King Boo's Haunted Hideaway, one of it's candy shop has a moving rocking chair, shelves with books in them, and flinging books, much like the study.