Telephone Room
Hanging Luigi shadow (Luigi's Mansion)
Area Area Four
Normal Ghosts Skeleton Ghosts
Boo Boomerang

The Telephone Room (Japanese: 電話の部屋 Telephone Room) is a room that can be accessed by Luigi only in the fourth area of Luigi's Mansion.


As Luigi approached the West Hallway on the Balcony, the door was unsealed. However, a bolt of lightning struck the house, causing what every ghost-hunter hates: a blackout. Luigi used his Key to open the door, then proceeded through the West Hallway. At the end, he came across two choices, east or west. The plumber chose the east door because the other one was locked and ended up in the Telephone Room. Luigi received a phone call from one of the Toads in the Mansion, informing him that the Toads had fled because of the blackout. The Toad also mentioned a breaker in the Basement that could be used to turn the power back on. Unfortunately, the previously accessible Breaker Room was now mysteriously locked. Luigi received another phone call, this time from Professor E. Gadd who told Luigi of a Portrait Ghost named Uncle Grimmly who was now on the loose. Luigi went off in search of Uncle Grimmly so that he could turn the power back on. He is in the Wardrobe Room from Area 1.

After successfully doing so, Luigi returned to the Telephone Room, only to find it was still dark. Opening some of the chests in the room, Luigi awakened two Skeleton Ghosts whom he captured, finally lighting the room.

The Telephone Room is huge, quite possibly the largest room in the Mansion along with the Balcony and the Courtyard. As such, it is filled with quite a variety of objects. On the west wall there is a large cabinet in front of which is a small table and curiously, a small sofa. The middle of the room is empty except for a large chest on the north wall. Along the south wall there are three small rotary telephones, side-by-side. Finally, on the east wall, there is a cabinet, identical to the first, and two additional large chests.


  • When Luigi is talking to Professor E. Gadd, when lightning strikes, Luigi's shadow appears suspended in air, as if being hung by a noose or neck. Whether it is a mistake by Nintendo or the Boo's message of Luigi's fate is unknown.
  • One does not need to actually enter the Telephone Room after the blackout happens. It is entirely possible to merely walk to the Wardrobe Room, capture Uncle Grimmly, and turn on the lights, thus saving time and unwanted tangles with ghosts.
  • This is the only indoor room with Skeleton Ghosts.

Very important video about the "Suicide" below!

A Luigi's Mansion Suicide - What it actually is01:19

A Luigi's Mansion Suicide - What it actually is

A Video Explaining the cause of the "Suicide".

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