The Artist's Studio
250px-The Artist's Studio
Area Area Four
Normal Ghosts Gold Ghosts; Purple Punchers; Blue Twirlers; Red Grabbing Ghosts; Shy Guy Ghosts; Garbage Can Ghosts; Purple Bombers
Portrait Ghosts Vincent Van Gore
Boo Bootique

The Artist's Studio (Japanese: アトリエ Atelier) is the final room that must be cleared in Luigi's Mansion and it can be found by Luigi in the fourth area of the mansion.


Using the key that Luigi received from the Cold Storage, he can open the door to The Artist's Studio. He saw the ghostly painter, Vincent Van Gore painting away at a picture of a treasure chest. He became angry at the novice ghost-hunter for failing to understand the life he gives his paintings. Van Gore locks Luigi in the room and summons his ghosts from the paintings lining the room. Three each of Gold Ghost, Purple Punchers, Blue Twirlers, Grabbing Ghosts, Shy Guy Ghosts, Garbage Can Ghosts, and Purple Bombers attack Luigi, one set at a time. Luigi sucked them all up, three by three, into his vacuum. With his creations gone, Vincent Van Gore gave up. Luigi was able to overcome the old ghost's weak pull and capture him. The plumber received the golden spade-shaped Key to the Secret Altar from the treasure chest painting.

The Artist's Studio contains the eight paintings mentioned, all lined up in a row along the back wall, except the treasure chest painting, which stands on the east wall. Two two-tiered shelves of art supplies are behind the easels. A small stool is in the southwest corner.


  • Interestingly enough, sculptures of both Lydia and Biff Atlas are on the shelves.