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E. Gadd with the three sisters

The Three Sisters are a group three ghosts consisting of Sister Lucinda, Sister Belinda, and Sister Herlinda, that act as a mini-boss within the Haunted Towers. They are described by E. Gadd as "regular paranormal celebrities" and they're usually very kind ghosts. It was even disturbing for him to see them act so rude. They were the owners of the now abandoned towers.


Sister Lucinda is a small, yellow ghost that wears a red bow atop her head. Sister Belinda is a tall, skinny, green ghost, similar to a Hider. She wears a purple hat. Sister Herlinda is a large, pink ghost that wears a large sun hat. All three of them carry mirrors as a defense against Luigi's light.

The Battle

When walking out of the Crypt with the newfound Toad, Sisters Herlinda and Belinda will drag themselves out of graves, stopping Luigi and the Toad in their tracks. Sister Lucinda seems to appear from the pathway and get herself stuck upside-down while trying to get to the outside. All three of them start circling Luigi, thus initiating the battle. As they circle Luigi, one of them will hold the mirror to their side, giving Luigi the chance to strike. Stunning whichever sister raised their mirror and attempting to capture them will lead the remaining two to start attacking Luigi by charging at him. Sister Lucinda has 50HP, Belinda has 100HP, and Herlinda has 150HP. If Luigi tries to stun the two sisters that are using their mirrors to cover their face, one will charge at Luigi. The player should aim to take out Lucinda first as she is the weakest of the three. This makes the fight much easier as their collective power is weakened.

E. Gadd's Bios.

Sister Lucinda: The youngest of the fabled Three Sisters. Her hobbies include playing with her mirror and annoying her older sisters by pointing out their many flaws.

Sister Belinda: One of the fabled Three Sisters. According to her sister Herlinda, she's the eldest of the three. She is an expert on flowers and plants and loves gardening.

Sister Herlinda: One of the fabled Three Sisters. According to her sister Belinda, she's the eldest of the three. Her hobbies include comparing herself to flowers and looking in the mirror.