The Twins' Room
Area Area Three (first found by Luigi in Area One)
Portrait Ghosts Henry and Orville
Boo Booris

The Twins' Room (Japanese: 子供部屋 Nursery) is one of the many rooms found by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion. It is located in the first area, but Luigi cannot enter the room until he is in the third area.


Using the key he had obtained from Nana's room, Luigi managed to open the door to the Twin's Room. Inside (after some searching) Luigi found the ghostly twins Henry and Orville. Asking if Luigi wanted to play hide and seek with them, the ghost hunter agreed; seeing no harm in doing that.

The ghosts told Luigi to go outside while they hid. Luigi complied and after being called back in, he had begun to search for them. He found that the twins had shrunk themselves and hid in boxes. Luigi had to find out which two of the boxes they were hiding in. The Poltergust 3000 assisted with this task, as the occupied boxes shook when it was used on them. This is because the twins are terrified of wind, ice, fire, and water. Accusing Luigi of cheating, the twins attacked by attempting to run Luigi over in a toy car as well as dropping bombs on him from a toy plane. Sucking up their vehicles, Luigi managed to beat the ghost children and suck them up in the Poltergust 3000. By doing so, Luigi received Mario's Shoe, the fifth and final item he would need to take to Madame Clairvoya.

The Twins' Room is small in size and filled with children's toys such as trucks on the shelf, model planes hanging from the ceiling, and a globe on a desk near the door. A pair of tennis rackets are in the corner next to a desk cluttered with books and a poster of the "Monsters" is on the wall. A Speedy Spirit is hiding in the bunk beds.


  • The "Monsters" poster in this room appears again in the washroom on the second floor.
  • It's very hard but even if you find them fairly they will say you cheated and attack you.
  • If you look closely, using the Gameboy Horror camera, there are 2 paintings of the same boy. These boys could be the Twins in life.

Ghosts in The Twins' Room during the blackout