Area Old Clockworks
Normal Ghosts Three Mummy Greenies

The Tomb is a small room deep within the Old Clockworks of Luigi's Mansion 2.


It's the first appearance of the Mummy Greenie and the Ancient Poltergeist. It is a square room covered with sand with a coffin in the center. The walls are decorated with torches, and there are several cobwebs in the corners. The only way to get to it is by navigating through the web-filled Antechamber. Luigi goes there looking for the clock hands so he can get to the Dark Moon piece. As he looks inside the coffin, he finds one of the missing hands, which is then taken by the Ancient Poltergeist. It is then that the Mummy Greenies pull themselves out of the sand and start attacking. Although Mummy Greenies can easily be downgraded to Greenies by lighting them on fire, the torches in this room are too high for that to happen.