The Train Exhibit is a room in Treacherous Mansion. In E-3 "A Train to Catch", Luigi looked at the security image, found out that Mario was captured and the true villain pulling the strings the whole time, King Boo Were in the Train Exhibit. There Luigi need to access from the Study to enter. However the golden book is needed, when he found it, the Strong Poltergeist stole it. When Luigi defeated him, he can access to the Train exhibit. After defeating a Strong Sneaker and 2 Strong Hiders, Luigi can ride the train to get the last gem of the Mansion, and look at the miniature train model, finding that Mario was there and was confused how to rescue him. E. Gadd then tweaked the parascope, and send him there to finish King boo and rescue Super Mario. However, the ambush was countered by big boo and he traps Luigi and fights him, After defeating big boo, Luigi left the train exhibit and try to search for the paranormal portal, where king boo and Mario is.