Training Room
Area E. Gadd's Lab
Normal Ghosts Gold Ghost

The Training Room is a room that first appeared in Luigi's Mansion. It is one of the places Luigi can go from The Lab, along with the Mansion, the Gallery, and the Hidden Mansion. In this room, Professor E. Gadd will send ten\eleven ghosts to the Training Room. He does not send them all at once though; he will send one to the room at first, then the number will gradually expand after that. E. Gadd will congratulate the player depending on how many ghosts they have captured. If the player sucks in seven or more, fireworks display and Professor E. Gadd happily congratulates Luigi.




  • GaddLabMap
    There is a door to the left of the Training Room. While it cannot be entered, it leads to The Lab, according to the Game Boy Horror.
  • It's impossible to die in the Training Room, since when Luigi is pulled too much over the floor and his HP are about to fall to 0, E. Gadd immediately stops the training. If this happens, Professor E. Gadd will say, "Luigi, that was a sorry effort. Why, I bet your brother would be laughing fit to split if he saw you. Try again from the beginning, OK?"