Waiter Ghosts are a type of ghost in Luigi's Mansion that bring food to Mr. Luggs. in the Dining Room. Waiter Ghosts have 10 HP and also have no attacks, they carry a tray of food in each hand. To defeat Mr. Luggs you have to first capture the Waiter Ghosts that bring him his food each time Luigi tries to take it, once that happens you suck up the remaining food on his plate, dodge his fireballs from the hot food and his anger, then stun him with your flashlight once he is out of breath and capture him.
LM Waiter

A Screenshot of a Waiter Ghost serving Mr. Luggs


  • This is the weakest ghost in the Luigi's Mansion series due to having only 10 HP and no form of attacking Luigi.
  • Only two appear in the entire game.